Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Wonderful Event - IABC/PRSJ Christmas Event

One Wonderful Event
Past President of IABC and also the PRSJ, Beverley Josephs, asked in November "Why don't we have one wonderful event" and the word having been spoken, so it was done.

The process of planning the joint networking event sponsored by Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) Jamaica Ltd resulted in an evening of great fun, the start of new professional relationships and friendships and exposure of young PR talent.

From left: IABC President Yvonne Grinam Nicholson, Special Advisor in the Ministry of Education, Dr Fay Tortello, PRSJ President, Mark Thomas.

Persons who attended reported that they never got bored for a minute. The presentation by Dr Rebecca Tortello on the government's vision for early childhood education was eye-opening and engaging. Joan Andrea Hutchinson read from her newest book "Kin Teet Kibba Heart Bun" which really got a lighthearted homespun groove going.

Young set designer Scheed Cole of "Props and More" created a memorable backdrop just for the event which drew several comments of appreciation.

The entertainment package, which included modelling by practitioners was heartwarming fun. MC Heather Grant along with entertainers Digicel Rising Star Cameal Davis and chanteuse Karla Johnson drew people together and sparking the glow of Christmas cheer.

Giveaways included gift baskets from HEART Trust/NTA; a personal care gift certificate from the HEART School of Cosmetology; products from Diageo; fun gift baskets from Jamaica National and giveaways from LIME, including the door prize of a Black Berry.

Practitioners finally get a chance to catch-up

The planning committee was: IABC- Yvonne Grinam Nicholson, Simone Hull, Beverley Josephs, Gerrard Mc Daniel; PRSJ Gwyneth Davidson, Mark Thomas, Analisa Downes, Shawnette Henry, Misha Lobban, Claudette Myers, Cheryl Smith.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Toys and Books - Giveaways for Mixer December 18, Pegasus

Dear Colleagues,

This is just a reminder that we are collecting books and toys for children at our Christmas mixer tomorrow evening, December 18, from 6:30 - 9:30 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. There is no age or sex restriction, no wrapping is necessary, so feel free to bring anything that will bring a smile and hours of fun.

Sangster's Bookstores in New Kingston has a 50% discount deal on at the moment on a range of books, including some for small children, perhaps their other branches are doing so as well.

Our partners have been generous and our evening will not only feature great entertainment, but many of us will go away with something extra. There are a range of fun items from LIME, Jamaica National, HEART Trust/NTA, Diageo (Red Stripe) and BNS as giveaways for persons who will take part in our lighthearted competitions.

For our shutterbugs, come with your camera eyes ready as we will be asking you to email in your photos of the event, and there will be a prize for the best photo of the evening.

Be assured that our menu will have something for everyone (vegans to por*eaters) and the dress code is business wear and casual wear....wear red if you can....and yes! that's a hint.

For tickets email and we will also accept payments at the door. The cost is $2,500.00.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Communicators Host Christmas Fiesta

Communicators host Christmas entertainment fiesta

The Jamaica Observer Entertainment Section - Thursday, December 10, 2009

CAMEAL Davis, 2008 winner of Digicel Rising Stars winner; award-winning performer, Karla Josephs; author and story-teller, Joan Andrea Hutchinson; and DJ Nyron are the entertainers set to rock the International Association of Business Communicators (Caribbean) (IABC) and Public Relations Society of Jamaica (PRSJ) Christmas Mixer on Friday December 18, at Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

The joint event, which is being sponsored by the Bank of Nova Scotia (Jamaica), is a first as Jamaican communicators from the both professional organisations collaborate for the networking mixer to end the year with a bang.

“We decided that since we serve a cross-section of the same professionals, we should work together and set the tone for co-operation and collaboration in the new year,” says current IABC chapter president, Yvonne Grinam Nicholson. “The professional landscape has changed and this has meant that there is a greater need to pull together for the greater good of the growth and development of the communications industry,” agrees Mark Thomas, president of the PRSJ.

The evening’s revelry is set to reveal the musical stylings of young Karla Josephs, awardwinner at the World Championships of the Performing Arts, and readings from Hutchinson’s newly released book, Tek Kin Teet Kibba Heart Bun. This latest release will “celebrate the creativity and resourcefulness of Jamaican ‘poor’ people”.
There will also be giveaways, prizes and surprises from supporting companies.

It will not be all fun and games as specially invited speaker, the Ministry of Education’s senior advisor, Dr Rebecca Tortello will present on the Ministry’s newly announced ‘Book Bag project’ to encourage childhood literacy.
Guests at the Christmas Mixer are being asked to bring the gift of a book for a child.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NCU PR Students Get First Taste Of "The Real World"

Third Year Public Relations Students from the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) got a taste of the real world when they presented their PR and Advertising Campaign for their clients, the PRSJ, this morning (December 9) at the offices of Innovative Ideas in Kingston.

Four members of the 12 member squad from Kre8tive Ad Dynasty delivered a proposal that included an advertising campaign concept with mock ups of a printed poster and a brochure.

At the end of the one-hour session, the students and practitioners came away with useful insights. Spokesperson for Kre8tive Dynasty, Keshann Watson said of the exercise, "We are quite happy and we took the recommendations very seriously to enhance the project. It gave me the opportunity to think of ideas for other topics. We will employ the advice in how we do research...we have to step it up a notch a whole lot more."

President Mark Thomas noted that he would be willing to meet with the students again, on their home turf in Mandeville, and continue the counselling and guide them towards establishing a student Chapter of the PRSJ on their campus. The initiative of the students followed an address that he made to them during a recent Careers Day event at NCU.

Past President Keith Brown says of the morning that it was an excellent session. "These students are definitely with it and are being well taught (thank God). They are to re-do the proposal based on this morning's discussions."

The intrepid participants from NCU Kre8tive Ad Dynasty, who took came by bus and then car to keep their appointment, were Keshann Watson organiser; Monquie Powell, CEO; Tashanya Traile, Creative Director and Simone Powell.
PRSJ Participants were: Heatha Miller, Communications Manager, STATIN; Keneshia Nooks, Communications Officer, JCDC; Mark Thomas, Communications Director, Jampro; Keith Brown, Director, Keith Brown and Associates; Christine Bell, Director, Innovative Ideas (hostess); Gwyneth Davidson - PR Manager, OPM. The project will go towards the students' end-of-year final grade.

Practitioners were pleased to hear of the reasons why the students chose PR which included, being "excited by what media can achieve" and "loving research". Not one of the four affable ladies said that they chose the profession to socialise and meet people. Folks, one more bit of proof that hope rises strong in our young people.

Decor and Deals

Fine artist, set designer and decorator, Scheed Cole of Props and More, is designing a scene from Toyland and also tropical nature specially for the PRSJ Christmas Networking Event on December 18.

This presents a wonderful opportunity for the Toyland portion of the set to be remounted at a residential institution or an indoor public space for the enjoyment of others right through the holiday season.

If there is any client or organisation whom you believe would be interested to bring a little cheer to a home, hospital, community centre, juvenile correctional centre, mall, airport or tax office, please contact us for more information.

Remounting a portion of our Toyland scene will go a long way to bring a gentle smile on the faces of many this tamarind season.

Mr Cole is a genuine, home grown, Brand Jamaica artist. The photo attached is an example of his work staged recently at the UNFPA Caribbean Media Awards in Kingston.

...hold on, there is more....we believe that Christmas cheer starts at home and we are now offering a discount on our event for persons who sell five tickets or more. Tickets delivered to your office.
Call or email Mod to find out more.

Contact Mod: 817-8077,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

POSTPONED Search on for Caribbean Communications Icon



Kingston, December 3, 2009

The Public Relations Society of Jamaica (PRSJ) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Caribbean have joined forces to find Jamaica's most outstanding communications influence.

The two bodies, recognizing that today's professional communication practitioner stands on the shoulders of stalwarts who have served in the fields of government, the private sector, the media and academia, hope to inspire the current generation with their contribution. The Caribbean Communications Icon will be an annual award.

Any member of the public can put forward nominations for the Caribbean Communications Icon by showing how the person or organisation has contributed in a tangible way to the growth and development of Jamaica’s communications industry over the past 20 years.

The nomination guidelines can be downloaded from the PRSJ blog at

Nominations are open until December 8 and must be submitted to or to

The award will be presented at the Christmas Networking Event of both organisations on December 18 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

The function will feature Digicel Rising Star winner, Cameal Davis, chanteuse Karla Josephs, surprises and dancing.

The IABC Caribbean is one of the many chapters of the international association. The PRSJ was founded by local practitioners in 1981.


Contact: Moderator, PRSJ 817-8077