Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Power of International Marketing Links Education and Employment

Power of International Marketing Links Education and Employment

The University of Technology (UTech) will be offering the Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) next year thanks to the power of international marketing.

Canadian marketing company, Marmicmon Integrated Marketing and Communications, is the axis around which local and Canadian educational institutions operate to bring Canadian health care employers and Jamaican job seekers together. The UTech School of Oral Health Sciences is is the latest achievement of Marmicmon in Jamaica having already facilitated practical nursing and early childhood education programmes at Browns Town, Knox and  Moneague Community Colleges and Pre University School. Marmicmon is also active in other Caribbean nations.

The direct goal of Marmicmon in the Caribbean is to prepare professionals to fill a range of jobs in Canada, but UTech has leveraged that opportunity to offer BSc and doctoral studies that will serve the local public health system. In time, it is expected that the corps of locally trained dentists will support a vibrant oral health research culture in Jamaica.

The School is located at the former Dental Auxilliary School on Arthur Wint Drive in Kingston. Under the partnership, the Government of Jamaica, through UTech, provided the infrastructure and Marmicmon sourced Canadian partners who completely outfitted the school with modern equipment. The curriculum partner is the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.