Friday, January 29, 2010

Towards AGM 2010

Towards AGM 2010

All public relations practitioners are invited to a meeting on Feb 28 to renew membership of the PRSJ or to apply for membership.

The AGM is scheduled for March 30.
Both meetings will start at 5:30 p.m. Venues to be announced shortly.

Practitioners at planning meeting of January 28 at UDC. From left: Tyrell Morgan, Cheryl Smith, Janneth Mornan Green, Leo McEwan.

All Members of the PRSJ are invited to renew their membership at a meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. on February 28, 2010. The list of persons already admitted as members is available. For more on membership see Constitution - Article IV. The annual full membership fee is $1,000.

Applications for Membership
Practitioners can apply for membership by submitting their applications at the meeting at that time. For more on how to become a member see Constitution - Article IV - Classes of Members. The application fee for membership is $100. Download application form.

The AGM will be on march 30 in keeping with the Constitution that AGM meetings must be held between January and March. Members will be notified electronically.

Voter Education
The planning group will undertake a voter education programme to sensitize practitioners about the Officers of the Society and the functions that they perform. Constitution - Article VI.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Roy Mitchell (T&T) Publishes Book / Renewing Links

Below is a letter from PR Practitioner Roy Mitchell who has just published his book "Public Relations - A 40-Year Journey" to the PRSJ.


I am trying to reestablish my links with the Public Relations Society of Jamaica and need your help in doing so.

Many years ago I met one of your female professionals whose surname is Lee. It was on the occasion of the staging of the IPRA Spring Council Meeting which she attended in Trinidad in 1984.

Following this meeting we had tried to form a Caribbean Association of Public Relations but did not reach very far with the initiative.

I have just published a book covering my 40 year journey in the profession and would like to make this known to all practitioners in the Caribbean Region.

If you go on the web and enter the name "Ernest Roy Mitchell" you will see a blog of the book which is available at

I am also attaching a review which you may find interesting. It was done by Ms. Sunity Maharaj who is one of our leading and most highly respected journalists in Trinidad and Tobago.

I would be delighted to hear from you as to how we can collaborate to further advance the virtues of the profession.

I will also send you a link in which you will see the press report on the launch of the book in the Trinidad Express.

I look forward to the pleasure of hearing from you


Roy Mitchell
Ernest Roy MitchellPrincipal ConsultantExecutive Relationships Marketing (ERM)Carmody Manors #65 Carmody Road,St. Augustine,TrinidadTel/Fax 868 663 6968Mobile: 754 5234/678 6943

Book Review by the Trinidad Express

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PRSJ Volunteers To Plan AGM Meeting

Arising out of the useful meeting in October, several persons put themselves forward to serve the re-start of the PRSJ. Our working committee to plan the Annual General Meeting will meet tomorrow evening (January 28) in the UDC Resource Room, Downtown.

The volunteer planners are:

  • Analisa Downes, Students Loan Bureau (SLB)

  • Carroll Edwards, UWI Public Relations

  • Shawnette Henry, MIND Marketing

  • Misha Lobban, Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean

  • Akilah Maxwell, PIOJ

  • Leo McEwan, Min of Transport and Works

  • Tyrell Morgan, UDC

  • Claudette Myers, PIOJ

  • Cheryl Smith, Min of Finance and the Public Service

  • Mark Thomas, JTI/Jampro

  • Gwyneth Davidson, OPM
  • All Past Presidents

This is a great stage to receive concerns or suggestions, so do write them in. One of our immediate tasks will be to identify and notify members. If you have any query about your status with the PRSJ, do drop the Mod an email at