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Jamaica 50 Calendar Competition

presents the 
Jamaica 50 Calendar Competition endorsed by the 
Jamaica 50 Secretariat.

Submissions close on February 28, 2012.

Aim of Programme
To promote Jamaican graphic design, marketing, public relations and printing. Awardees will have the privilege of noting their award on resumes and on promotional material. 

Who can enter
All public relations, marketing and advertising professionals, graphic designers and printers who operate in Jamaica, or who can be identified as being a part of the Jamaican Diaspora. There is no entry fee.

The following areas will be considered:

The Jamaica 50 Brand Jamaica Award  
for the calendar that represents the potential for advancing Jamaica
Jamaica 50 Masterprinters Trophy
For excellence in printing

Jamaica 50 Graphic Design Award  
For excellence in Graphic Design

Jamaica 50 Marketing Award 
For excellence in product/brand representation

Best in Category 
Best Bar Calendar 
Best Educational Institution Calendar
Best Social Marketing Calendar
Best Retail Calendar
Best Supermarket Calendar
Best Desk Calendar – blotter type
Best Desk Calendar – standing type
Best Personality Calendar

Jamaica 50 Diaspora Award  
For best calendar produced for the Jamaican Diaspora 

Calendars are to be submitted to:

Ms Maxine McDonnough
c/o The National Library of Jamaica
12 East Street, Downtown
During the businessweek in January on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.
To confirm delivery times call 833-6447

Download application form at the bottom of this webpage link

We look forward to quality entries so please call or email for support on completing the forms to or 817-8077.

We invite you to submit:
  • Two printed copies of the calendar
  • An Executive Summary of no more than 200 words on the specific solution that the calendar seeks to provide for a named business, organisation or grouping.
  • State design concept in no more than 50 words
  • State publication format including paper grade, size and printing format used (offset vs lithographic)
  • State clearly the target audiences
  • State any special considerations such as if it was a collaborative effort or if it is for very specific audiences or audiences not in Jamaica.

Guidelines on use of the National Flag of Jamaica in designs
From The National Flag of Jamaica

Report PR Champions Award

Report Jamaica PR Champions Awards

On November 3, President Delmares White, Past President Mark Thomas and members Gerrard McDaniel and Gwyneth Davidson scored submissions for the Jamaica PR Champions awards. Six persons from 14 were selected as PR Champions.

The competition recognizes non-practitioners in nine selected subject areas who consistently pursue healthy relationships between their organisations and their stakeholders by encouraging good public relations in their core organisational practices.
The awards ceremony is being proposed for early in 2012.

The Awardees
Business - The Honourable Lascelles Chin, OJ for consistently leveraging public relations that connect with customers in his group of companies; these include outstanding initiatives in promoting national core values.

Government -Security - Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington OD strategically moved the Force closer to the public through corporate communication and by maintaining a healthy relationship with the media. He excels in the in the media interview. He has consistently promoted national core values in handling controversial issues related to law enforcement.

Government - Health - Dr Sheila Forrester Campbell for consistently promoting national core values by promoting open and consistent communication in matters related to public health during her tenure as Chief Medical Officer. She is an informed and consistent source for the media interview.

Media - Garfield Grandison’s outstanding commitment to national core values happened when the agency unequivocally apologized for its handling of its reportage of material released by whistleblower website, Wikileaks. Under his leadership there have been many initiatives to regularly include more voices and issues into coverage.

Business - Professor Rosalea Hamilton successfully engaged a wide cross section of stakeholders to form the small business conglomerate, The Medium Small and Micro Enterprise Alliance (MSME). She lobbied for the MSME to be a part of the national Partnership for Transformation. She excels in delivering speeches and the media interview.

Education - Vice Chairman of HEART NTA, Principal Ruel Reid, is a recognised voice that articulates efforts to transform education. Mr Reid has demonstrated core national values in being a part of the team that brought stakeholders of Jamaica College together to improve the delivery of education. He excels in the media interview and also in public speaking.

Reviewers Report
PRSJ Jamaica PR Champions
Past and present executive members of the PRSJ were invited to participate on the Jamaica PR Champion awards committee. The volunteer members were: President, Delmares White; Executive Vice President, Christopher Benjamin; Past Presidents Mark Thomas, Dayner Clarke and Bev Josephs; past executive member Gerrard McDaniel and Gwyneth Davidson; UWI Mona PR Head Dr Carrole Edwards. 

The team agreed on the format and nomination process; the questions to be asked and the date for reviews. Dr Edwards could not be present at the review date and Past President of the IABC Caribbean - Jamaica, Yvonne Grinam Nicholson accepted the invitation to participate.

More than 150 Public Relations practitioners in Jamaica were invited through the PR Brief newsletter and also by direct email to submit nominees for the Jamaica PR Champion awards programme.  A total of 14 names were submitted between September 26 and October 26 using the online survey software, Survey Monkey.

No professional affiliation was necessary to submit nominees. The five questions which were asked are attached to this document. 

The Review
Four members of the review committee reviewed the 14 submissions between 6:00p.m. and 800p.m. on November 3. The four members were: Past President Mark Thomas, President Delmares White, former executive member Gerrard McDaniel and past executive member and current moderator, Gwyneth Davidson. 

An agreed scoring system was decided before any nominations were reviewed. The system is set out below:

Total Possible Score 100

Media Interview
National Values

Overall assessment

Each judge was given the comments of the nominees to read and apply his or her own knowledge of the nominee to arrive at individual scores.

The scores per nominee were added for each reviewer and then divided by four to find the average score. It was decided that any nominee with a score above 80 would be invited to accept the award of Jamaica PR Champion.

Of the 14 persons nominated, 12 went forward. Two were not scored: one was not nominated by a known PR person and that nominee is in a PR position; the other person was not known by the reviewers and the rationale that was sent forward by the nominee did not provide sufficient information for a fair review.

Based on the results the persons who achieved 80 and above are:

First Name
Last Name
Forrester Campbell

The Questionnaire
Jamaica PR Champions
Dear Colleague,
Public relations practitioners in Jamaica are invited to nominate non-practitioners in nine selected subject areas of public life who consistently pursue healthy relationships between their organisations and their stakeholders and publics by encouraging good public relations in their core organisational practices.

The PRSJ will recognise their achievements with the "PR Champions" award.

The award will be bestowed on November 17 2011 at a PRSJ networking event in the Jampro training room.

A team of five eminent practitioners selected from the PRSJ and IABC-Caribbean Executive and PRSJ Past Presidents corps will review each questionnaire and arrive on the nine PR Champions.

We invite you to complete this short questionnaire that will allow the PRSJ to promote good public relations practices.

Do enjoy the process,
The Public Relations Society of Jamaica

Question 1
Who is your nominee?

Question 2
Select the one field of assessment that applies to your nominee
Politics; Security; Executive in Buiness the public sector NGO; Education; Health, Tourism, Media, Sports.

Question 3
Say in which areas your nominee has excelled.

Question 4

In 200 to 300 words (about a page), state examples that support your view that your nominee has excelled in one or all the areas of the media interview, speechmaking, crisis management, promotion of national goals as outlined in Vision 2030. 

Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential;
The Jamaican society is secure, cohesive and just;
The Jamaican economy is prosperous;
Jamaica has a natural healthy environment.

Question 5
What is your name?

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PR Brief - December 2011

In this issue
Report of Jamaica PR Champions Awards

Dayner Azzellino defends PhD thesis on Corporate Social Reponsibility
Two new professionals admitted to PRSJ as Full Members
IABC Caribbean - Jamaica has Communicators Christmas Lyme
Corporate Canape

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PR Brief - November 2011

November 2011 Edition of  PR Brief, the monthly newsletter of the Public Relations Society of Jamaica