Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PRSJ Code of Ethics


Membership in the Public Relations Society of Jamaica constitutes a declaration that the profession is fundamentally dedicated to better mutual understanding and cooperative relationships between the various groups, institutions and individuals within the nation of Jamaica, and, on behalf of this nation, with those groups, institutions, individuals and nations, which exist beyond its border.

These goals remain paramount, while serving the legitimate interests of clients and employers.

A member, in the conduct of his/her professional activities, shall respect the public interest and the dignity of the individual. It is his/her personal responsibility at all times to deal fairly and honestly with his client or employer, past or present, with his/her fellow members and with the public.

A member has the affirmative duty to adhere to generally accepted standards of accuracy, truth and good taste.

A member shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the express consent of the parties concerned after full disclosure of the facts.

A member shall disclose (except upon the order of the court of competent jurisdiction) or make use of information given or obtained in confidence from his/her employer or client, past or present, for personal gain or otherwise, without express consent.

A member shall not engage in any practice, which tends to corrupt the integrity or channels of public communication.

A member shall not intentionally disseminate false or misleading information and is obligated to use ordinary care to avoid dissemination of false or misleading information.

A member shall not create, use or act for any organisation apparently serving an announced cause but in fact promoting an undisclosed interest of the member, his/her clients or employer. It is his/her duty to ensure that the actual interest of any such organisation with which he/she may be concerned is adequately declared.

A member shall not knowingly injure the professional reputation or practice of another member, but if such a member has reason to believe that another member has been engaged in practices, which may be in breach of this Code, it shall be his/her duty to inform the Society.

A member, in the course of his/her professional services to his/her employer or client, shall not accept a payment either in cash or kind for those services from any other source without the express consent of his employer or client.

A member should not negotiate or agree terms, with a prospective employer or client on the basis of payment contingent upon specific future result.

A member shall not negotiate or agree terms with a prospective employer or client on the basis of payment contingent upon specific future result.

A member shall not encroach upon the professional employment of another member. Where there are two engagements, either or both must ensure that there is no conflict between them.

A member shall, as soon as possible, sever his/her relations with any organisation when he/she knows that his/her continued employment would require him/her to conduct him/herself contrary to the principles of this Code.

A member called as a witness in a proceeding for the enforcement of the Code shall be bound to appear unless for sufficient reason, he/she shall be excused by the panel hearing the same.

A member shall cooperate with fellow members in upholding and enforcing this Code.

This Code of Professional Standards for the Practice of Public Relations is adopted by the Public Relations Society of Jamaica to promote and maintain high standards of public service and conduct among its members in order that membership in the Society may be deemed a badge or ethical conduct: that Public Relations justly may be regarded as a profession: that the public may have increasing confidence in its integrity: and that the practice of Public Relations may best serve the public interest.

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